Curriculum Vitae
Artist, performer, translator. Born in Saqqez, Iranian Kurdistan in 1980. Lives and works in the Netherlands.

Master of Fine Arts, Alzahra University, Tehran 2009.

Group exhibitions:


Tot Slot Vrijheid, Slot Zeist, NL

State of the art, Firma Van Drie, Gouda/NL


Come Closer and Stop, Open Ateliers, Gouda/NL.

Modelburgers, Firma Van Drie, Gouda/NL

Ticker Tape, NICC, Brussels and Antwep/B.


I am Standing On Top(...), Open Ateliers, Gouda/NL.

Innige Banden, Firma Van Drie, Gouda/NL


Kaleidoscopic Journey (..), Harter Tobak, Berlin/D

Public Performances:
My New Way is the Same, Schouwburg, Gouda/NL
That is not Enough, Garenspinnerij, Gouda/NL
Papier Bos, N. Mendela Centrum, Gouda/NL
My New Way is the Same, E.Vreedehuis, Den Haag/NL
That is not Enough, Parkh. De Zwijger, Amsterdam/NL
That is not Enough, Harter Tobak, Berlin/D
My new way is the Same, AZC Rijswijk, Den Haag/NL
Traces of my Mind, Commune Gallery, Den Bosch/NL

Grants and Residencies:

2022 Winner of the Galatea Art Prize

2020-2021 1-year Mondriaansfonds Project Grant

2020 Frans-Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee, Belgium

2015 Petit Prince, Saba Complex, Teheran
2014 Windows of My City, Saba Complex, Tehran
2011 Macbeth, Zahra High school, Teheran
2010 Trust me, Teheran University
2009 Antigone, Saba Complex, Teheran

2019 Geografie Umane, Living Village festival, Dalfsen
2017 Lethe, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht
2016 Lethe, City of Theater, Tehran
2010 Phobia (clandestine work), Tehran
2010 Alzheimer (clandestine work), Tehran
2009 Othello, Tehran
2009 Voices of Evil, Wien, Graz
2008 Tree bridges(Lalish theater project), Molavi Theater, Tehran
2007 Read, City of Theater, Tehran   
2005 The Only Way Possible, City of Theater, Tehran
2003 Night Mother, Saqqz, Kurdistan
2002 Shokouh Aieen, Sanandaj, Kurdistan

Workshop experiences with:
2019 Marisa Grande, (from physicality to musicality) 
2019 Marisa Grande, (writing and Moving)
2019 Katie Duk, (contemporary dance)
2017 Mostafa Shabkhan (contemporary dance)
2017 Iris van Peppen (improvisation)
2009 Julian Boal (Forum Theater)
2007 Shamal Amin (Lalish theater labor)

Published translations
(French to Persian):
2012 L’ Eden Cinema (Marguerite Duras)
2010 The Poetic Body (Jacques Lecoq)