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"Displacement Constellation", Performance and Artist book, 13x9cm each unique exemplars, 2020.

Displacement Constellation is a mimic of an administrative process (passport making) 
There is an official desk. The audience can apply for a personal constellation passport. The prepared form consists of questions about birthplace and displacements during the lifetime of the participant. Each major step of the life of the applicant is symbolized by a specific color in the final book. The audience can pay the passport fee and after one week, they will get the passport through the post. Displacement Constellation is not about traveling but about displacement, passing the borders, and the experience of living in a new place. When we connect these mappings together, a personal constellation appears which stands on the cover of the document. The drawings are proportional to actual distances. This performance is questioning the borders questioning the displacement, it is not to blame people who don’t move, it is not pitying the exiled, it is about to show the diversity of life experiences through the prism of geography /movement. Even the smallest movement creates a pattern.


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