work in progress, 35 Sticker rolls 50m, tape dispenser ( Accessories for an ongoing performance project ) 2020- ongoing

In  2020, I got a job in Gouda, the Netherlands. I lost the job because of Covid-19. Two weeks later, they asked me to bring back the apron and form clothes. Which meant that there was no other chance to continue working there because of my low level of speaking language. I worked from 9 o’clock in the morning till 17 o’clock in the afternoon. A big part of my job was making boxes, packaging the products in the boxes.

This project/performance is about the moments at work when I made it easier for myself by going to the world of imagination. After each closing by using the tape, I had the feeling that I packaged a part of my memory and the imaginary world in that box. This was a kind of play during a very mechanical work.

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