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My new way is the same. Live performance, ca. 8 min looped video-projection. Den Haag, 2019.

My new way is the same is about transition, in time and space: what happens to the body and memory when we get uprooted by the circumstances of our life?


Aujourd’hui maman est morte! I don’t say that. It is a very famous phrase in litterature that changed many thing … I studied it many years ago in the course litterature francais 1. I try to remember that class. The room was quiet big, we were 25 students. All women. Young, active, enthusiast. We wanted to do something. I try to remember the faces. Some of them I can remember completely, even the way they laughed. Some of them I have no idea. I remember the eyes. We watched outside sometimes through the windows. Our class was high in the 7th floor. I remember that day. It was raining, through the windows I saw the street. The cars were everywhere, people coming and going and through the wet window I saw the Neon lamp of the café. That old neon lamp who slept during the day and used to work during the night. I can remember. I was walking through the pedestrian to reach the café. I could hear the music. … …..(She gradually loses the balance. while she loses the balance she cannot talk easily. The phrases become vague and sometimes only voices)….. (She stands up again and gets balance) Now I am here. I am in another spot. I was there. I cannot repeat what happened there. But I can turn and watch behind. We are all waiting here in a room (describes the room). I can see new faces and remember them in the next spot…. (Describes the faces of people). 

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