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Respect for Banana


When I was at Budel (AZC) Camp in 2018, my stomach could no longer digest the highly frozen prepared foods that we had to cook in the microwave before eating.

One microwave for fifty people.

From the second month, I decided to eat only bread and bananas. They sometimes served a banana with a packet of frozen food.


One day I was standing in a long line, eagerly waiting to pick up my banana and leave.

It is my turn now. They ran out of bananas and give me an orange instead.

I stay there and say I just wanted a banana and nothing else.

They say it's impossible. I insist. The police guards start to move. The man looks at me angrily and tells me to take an orange and go. I say I can't eat oranges because of my stomach. Then I leave without food.

I hear them laughing at me. I even hear the refugees in the line laughing at me. 

I go walking outside into nowhere. This camp is far from everywhere. There is just a highway around.

I come back later. I see my table full of snacks, fruits, and yogurt.

there was a note:

"You are going to be hungry tonight”


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