Astera Mortezai is an experimental artist who lives and works in the Netherlands. She is born in Saqqez, Iranian Kurdistan, in 1980.
With a background as a performance artist and using a great variety of materials, she investigates the consequences of displacement on the body and stages narrative and poetic interactions between body and objects, in which accessories become partners.
The body, as a poetic object, connects to its environment and expands in it, penetrates, then makes other organs, just like an environmental sculpture.
«In my work, I want to highlight the presence of the body Hic et Nunc: when we are in a specific space, our body is here; it cannot be elsewhere», she says.
Astera Mortezai explores small cracks in the social order to find some moments of spontaneity to share with the public, like a living poem.

                                                                                                 Nicolas Manenti