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That is not enough. Live performance: red light, Endoscopic camera, video-projection, marker ca. 10mn Berlin, 2018.

During my stay in different camps in the Netherlands, I met a lot of people who left their country to get a better and more secure life. At the end of the application process for refugee status, there is an interview with the immigration organization: you must prove that you are really in danger. At the beginning of my performance, a voice asks me why I feel in danger. I write the answers on my body, filming the action with an endoscope, but I keep being interrupted by the voice telling, «that´s not enough.»
For me, writing on the body means sincerity, and the performance shows how it is like to consume and sacrifice your body to prove a straightforward question.
At the same time, the image of the marker in contact with the body makes some abstract scenes: a body that is no longer a body, a body that is a landscape.


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