BuddyBody , sculptures in paper mache, 2021

When I was younger, I was very much influenced by Gilles Deleuze's article entitled The Conditions of the Question: What Is Philosophy? In this article, he points out that it is a question one poses when one no longer has anything to ask for, but its consequences can be considerable. This question can only be posed late in life when old age has come.

After 20 years, I had a strong return to those words when I started working on BuddyBodies. That is thrilling when you realize that you cannot talk about the beauty of the Body unless you get older. The matter of time, the landscape, and the aesthetic of deformations in the body only could be discussed with a mature mind.   


BodyBuddy is a sculpture of a body, in every possible sense, geology, biology, or astronomy.

Each element is a unique piece that has formed in an organic way, like the skin that takes the form of what is under it. The realization of BodyBuddy is a slow process that lets the material finds its shape. Just like a natural body, they take traces of wounds, time, and deformation. They even smell differently. 

These sculptures are colored inside to highlight the world of our mind and our imagination.